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August 30, 2013

Venues of Summit 2013

New Delhi: November 9, 2013
India Habitat Centre
Lodhi Road
New Delhi 110003
Tel: 91-11-2468 2001

Hyderabad: November 11, 2013
Marigold by Greenpark
Greenlands, Begumpet
Hyderabad - 500 016
Tel: 91-40-6736 3636

Chennai: November 13, 2013
Vivanta by Taj Connemara
Binny Road
Chennai - 600 002
Tel: 91-44-6600 0000

Bangalore (Bengaluru): November 15,
Le Meridien Bangalore
Sankey Road
Bangalore 560 052
Tel: 91-80-4107 6778

Pune: November 18, 2013
Le Meridien Pune
Raja Bahadur Mill Road
Pune 411001
Tel: 91-20-2605 0505

Mumbai: November 20, 2013
World Trade Centre Mumbai
Centre 1 Building, Cuffe Parade
Mumbai 400 005
Tel: 91-22-6638 7272

Issue 14 - Summer 2014

Introducing our newest exam: iTEP Hospitality. This new test joins our existing lineup of iTEP Academic, iTEP SLATE, and iTEP Business as an English assessment tool specifically created for the hospitality industry. Since language skills are such a big part of providing service at hotels, restaurants, cruise lines and similar businesses, this test helps hiring managers make smart staffing decisions. It focuses on listening and speaking skills and is administered easily on an office computer.

iTEP Growth in Middle East

The popularity and reach of iTEP is rapidly expanding in the Middle East. iTEP Executive Director Michael Salenko traveled last month to Iraq, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia to meet with distributors, institutions and government officials.

NAFSA and More

Boston Educational Services was well represented at NAFSA this year in San Diego, and our concurrent iTEP Family luncheon, and Distributor Conference were great successes. This quarter also found us in Boston for a conference at the Cambridge Institute.

iTEP on US Dept of Commerce Panel

In June, BES Chairman Perry Akins was asked to be a panelist at the US Department of Commerce Conference in Los Angeles. The theme was "Discover Global Markets: Europe." Other members of the panel included Patrick Colabucci from California State University, Northridge, and two US commercial officers from Turkey and Spain.

Summer is for SLATE at Grand River Academy

Grand River Academy is a boarding school for boys in Austinburg, Ohio, that has just 115 students, currently representing 20 states and 8 countries. The school posted a couple of photos of their summer school students from places such as Russia and China taking iTEP SLATE. "Looking forward to tracking their progress," said International Student Coordinator and teacher Angela Thomas in one tweet.

iTEP reached some major milestones this quarter. More than 500 institutions in North America now accept iTEP for admissions, and our exams are now administered at more than 400 Certified iTEP Test Centers. We won't celebrate too hard...we see 1000 of each just around the bend.

August 8, 2013

Last week’s American International Recruitment Counsel (AIRC) Workshop at CSU Long Beach drew about 40 directors and managers of international programs and IEPs (Intensive English Programs) from around the country for a productive day of sharing recruitment strategies for international students.  With our headquarters a short drive away, iTEP staff had the chance to connect and reconnect with many talented people.

One of the themes of the day was branding awareness and how institutions’ budgets for international recruitment typically do not allow for any major marketing campaign.  This forces enrollment managers to find creative ways to familiarize potential students with their schools.  With free promotion at 180+ test centers around the world and on the iTEP website, iTEP partner schools are able to elevate their brands without placing any burden on their budget.

“Some administrators have a hard time believing just how simple and beneficial it really is to accept iTEP results for admissions,” says iTEP Academic Director, Lee Rabideau.  “It was helpful having some great partner schools in attendance, such as SUNY Old Westbury, CSU Fresno, and Cypress College, to drive this point home.”
News Story Spotlights iTEP SLATE Growth

May 23, 2013

Since this time last year, the number of secondary institutions recognizing iTEP SLATE—our English proficiency exam for young learners—has quadrupled.  The PIE News (Professionals in International Education), one of the leading industry news outlets, took notice and ran a news article about “SLATE” last week:

We are very pleased with the acknowledgement by a news outlet we greatly admire.  If your institution, or any you know, is still looking for a replacement for the retired SLEP exam, we urge you to share the PIE News story, or this post from our blog elaborating on the information in the piece:

Thank you for your support. Let's continue to make news together!

iTEP Levels Easily Align with CEFR

Expanded iTEP Scoring Offers Even Higher Level of Precision

May 14, 2013
Boston Educational Services (BES) is proud to announce even more precision in our iTEP score reports.  iTEP scores are now reported in .1 increments in the overall score and .5 increments in each skill section.  This enhancement allows organizations to classify test-taker proficiency levels with a higher level of distinction, both overall and within each individual skill.  Please see the following charts with the corresponding updated score equivalencies: iTEP Academic Score Equivalency or iTEP SLATE Score Equivalency 

BES sends many thanks to those of you who suggested this scoring improvement to us. 

International iTEP Distributor Conference at NAFSA

June 22, 2012
iTEP and the Association of Global Universities (AGU) share a common goal: to help students study outside their home country.

"It's a natural partnership," says Perry Akins, Chairman of iTEP's parent company, Boston Eductional Services, "and we're thrilled that it's now a reality."

iTEP and AGU's first joint action will be to widen iTEP's availability in Western Europe by opening test centers at AGU partner sites in Sevilla, Granada, Madrid, London, and Florence. These will be the first certified test centers in Spain and the UK, and following this expansion, iTEP will have certified test centers in 38 countries.

AGU helps institutions recruit and manage international students. It is an affiliate company of International Studies Abroad.

"Our companies both strive to assist institutions as well as students," says Akins. "We look forward to serving the international education community together."

iTEP Sponsors Global Success Workshop Series at NAFSA

May 14, 2012
At iTEP, we love working with our distributors around the world. Their inventiveness and dedication never ceases to amaze us. In fact, we decided we had to get as many of them as possible together in one place!

The first annual International iTEP Distributor Conference will take place on May 28th in St. Louis, Missouri, in parallel with the NAFSA Conference, the largest gathering of international educators in North America. Some 20 iTEP Distributor representatives from around the world will be attending the Distributor Conference to exchange ideas, discuss successful strategies and case studies, and collaborate around future opportunities.

This conference will also mark the launch of some exciting new enhancements to the iTEP exams and BES's services. These announcements will include extra detail and precision in score reports and new services to facilitate global communication and coordination among iTEP partners.

We look forward to this exciting conference and offer our thanks to our distributor partners who are responsible for many of iTEP's numerous successes this year.

Build Your Own Exam: iTEP and SLATE now offer white-label option

March 6, 2012
The most accessible tests on the market just got more flexible. Boston Educational Services — which specializes in reliable and efficient English proficiency exams — now offers customized tests to suit any need.

This new "white-label" option allows you to make iTEP's innovative design and delivery method part of your organization. You can choose the name of the exam, put your logo on it, link to the exam from your website, and more. We can help you make an exam that focuses on the exact combination of skill assessments you would like to include (choose from reading, listening, grammar, writing, and speaking). Depending on your need, the exam can be administered at any location, including in the comfort of a test-taker's home.

Schools, businesses, and English language programs all over the world are already using our white-labeled exams for everything from admissions to placement. Let us get started on the perfect test for you today.

Community Colleges Find iTEP Ideal

March 6, 2013
Community Colleges serve an increasingly international student body, and more and more of these institutions are turning to the only English proficiency test with the flexibility to meet their needs.

Educators from all over North America gathered in Atlanta last week for the 37th annual Community Colleges for International Development (CCID) Conference. iTEP staff gave a presentation on best practices in recruiting, and also exhibited throughout the weekend.

Upon learning how registering with iTEP is a no-cost way for community colleges to promote their international program, increase their qualified applicant pool, and make the process more convenient and affordable for their applicants, many representatives sought out the iTEP booth and enthusiastically joined the iTEP family. They found that the different versions of the test, ease of access to scores, and on-demand scheduling are perfectly suited for their educational environment.

You Can't Spell 'iTEP' without 'IEP'

February 1, 20131
SIntensive English Programs (IEPs) from across the nation converged on San Francisco last week to take part in the AAIEP Professional Development Workshop. As an official exhibitor, iTEP was well-received by many IEPs that were looking for the ideal English proficiency test for their placement, progress, and exit testing needs.

iTEP's convenient on-demand scheduling, administrative data access, and low prices, appealed to IEPs that were looking for a streamlined solution for all their English testing. The flexibility to use shorter and longer versions of the test (Core and Plus) appealed to the IEPs as well. 

Many also expressed interest in the iTEP "Pre-Arrival Qualification Exam." This test is taken by incoming students at home for placement purposes. Brenda Robati of The Language Company called it "an inexpensive, reliable means for preventing students from arriving at your center and not being able to study there, due to their level of English ability."

Thank you to all the esteemed IEPs and AAIEP members who visited our booth and showed their support for iTEP


December 6, 2012
At the annual TABS (The Association of Boarding Schools) Conference last week in Washington D.C., many schools arrived without a way to evaluate the English skills of international applicants. They were thrilled to learn about iTEP SLATE.

Since the SLEP exam was retired earlier this year, many at the conference were looking for a new English proficiency exam tailored to the secondary level. Upon discovering how secure, convenient, and affordable iTEP SLATE is, many institutions signed up to become partner schools.

“Now that SLEP is gone, I'm so glad we’ve discovered SLATE.” says Peter Gieseke, Director of Admission at Monte Vista Christian School. “It's going to be a great fit for us.”

Like iTEP? Make It Official

October 30, 2012
iTEP has always striven to be the most accessible English language assessment tool.

There are now more ways than ever to connect with the International Test of English Proficiency. Newly launched or revamped pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are already helping BES keep in touch with the schools, companies, organizations, students, and teachers it serves. In addition to news and product updates, these accounts will also provide test prep information, a forum for answering questions, and more.

Of course, the best thing about social media is that it's a two-way street. We're greatly looking forward to learning more about our international community in real-time. So please, follow, like, and tag us. We'll return the favor.

New iTEP Score Report Has More To Tell

October 11, 2012
One of the biggest criticisms of standardized tests is that the results lack depth. You can't sum up a person's ability in a number.

Since its inception, the International Test of English Proficiency (iTEP) has striven to provide detailed results that show the strengths and weaknesses of the examinee. We have recently invested in developing an enhanced score report, which we are proud to announce will provide a much greater level of detail than any in the industry.

The score report for all three iTEP exam types (Business, Academic, & SLATE) now includes a statistical breakdown of the examinee’s command of specific linguistic skills within each section of the test. For example, instead of simply stating a score on grammar, the score report now contains feedback on which aspect of grammar, such as pronouns or conjunctions, caused the most problems for the examinee. 

The enhanced report also provides a written description of examinee’s overall ability in each section, and the equivalent score within the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), in order to give context to the information.

Launch of iTEP Prep Course Guide

July 28, 2011
It is our pleasure to announce the imminent launch of the iTEP Prep Course Guide! "The Guide" helps familiarize examinees with the format, content, and question structure of the iTEP exams through the use of examples, exercises, and screen shots, with the overall goal of improving English language proficiency.

In addition to the 100 pages of written instruction, The Guide also includes an audio file with Listening section exercises, as well as the administration of 2 iTEP Prep Plus exams to optimize English learning and improvement.

We are excited to launch the iTEP Prep Course Guide on August 15, and we hope it assists test-takers in reaching a higher level of English language fluency and iTEP scores. As always, thank you for your support of iTEP and BES. iTEP… Ready When You Are!

Innovative Use of iTEP: American Sign Language

June 29, 2011
Boston Educational Services is proud to announce its partnership with Troy University (Troy, Alabama) and the innovative use of iTEP in the Interpreter Training Program (ITP). As a pioneer program in American Sign Language utilizing distance technologies, the ITP will be using iTEP to assess the English language proficiency of students wishing to major in Interpreter Training, as well as those exiting an Internship. The Interpreter Training Program is a leader in the well-known Second Language Acquisition concept of ensuring high first language proficiency as a measure to facilitate second language acquisition, in this case American Sign Language.

We are truly honored to be part of this innovative program and look forward to working with Troy University and the Interpreter Training Program!

iTEP…. Modularizes!

May 27, 2011
Boston Educational Services (BES) is excited to announce the launch of our "Modularization" option for the iTEP exams! As of June 1, iTEP clients will be able to order customized exams containing only those specific language skill sections, or "modules," that they wish to test. This means if an organization wishes to assess only the Listening skills of an applicant, for example, iTEP can be tailor-made to contain only that section (or combination of sections). This is a service not currently offered by any of iTEP's main competitors. In pursuit of offering the highest level of service and staying ahead of the pack, BES launches this unique iTEP enhancement next week.

As always, we thank you for your support of iTEP! Thanks to you, iTEP has become the fastest growing internationally-recognized English proficiency exam on the market.

SLATE big in China

April 28, 2011
Boston Education Services is excited to announce a big SLATE month in China- 1800 Chinese students will be taking SLATE in May and June! 900 high school students will be taking SLATE Core for placement purposes in May, while another 900 high school students will be taking SLATE-Plus in June for certification purposes. All will be administered by one of our largest distributors in China, Aston Education Group.

EDMC now accepting iTEP

March 28, 2011
Education Management Corporation (EDMC) will now accept iTEP as proof of English proficiency for admission into its Art Institutes and Argosy Universities across the country. EDMC has been providing high-quality, career-focused education at the undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate levels for more than 40 years. BES is very pleased to have EDMC and its affiliate schools as partners, and we proudly welcome them to the iTEP family. More than 140 colleges and universities now accept iTEP for admissions.

Welcoming Bridge to the iTEP Team

March 1, 2011
Students and companies in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile now have access to the most affordable and convenient English proficiency test in the world, thanks to a new partnership between Boston Educational Services and Bridge-Linguatec. As a world leader in language education, testing, and travel, Bridge brings nearly 2 decades of expertise to iTEP. The Denver-based company, with affiliate centers throughout the world, joins the iTEP team to help distribute the test throughout South America's "southern cone". We are very happy to be working with Bridge, and we look forward to a long and successful partnership. Please join us in welcoming Bridge to the iTEP team!

University of California, Berkeley has chosen to use iTEP

January 31, 2011
University of California, Berkeley has chosen to use iTEP for assessing the English language proficiency of its international postdoctoral scholars, visiting scholars, and visiting student researchers. This six-week English Language Program, called English Works for You, will help the visiting scholar community improve their English language skills and streamline communication. In this joint venture between UC Berkeley, The Language Company (TLC), and Boston Educational Services (BES), participants are placed into the appropriate English language proficiency level, based on their score on the iTEP Academic Exam. The participants then receive English language instruction provided by TLC. The iTEP Academic-Plus Exam will then be available to further certify participants' English levels at the close of the course.

BES is very pleased to be working with UC Berkeley and TLC, and we are proud that iTEP has been selected to be the English language proficiency exam for this program.

iTEP Rebranding

December 6, 2010
Boston Educational Services is excited to share the latest news with all of you! Due to iTEP's high demand and fast growth, we have made some interesting enhancements that we think will interest you. We have enriched our exam roster with the addition of SLATE, our new high school exam, and we have given our existing iTEP exams a facelift and renamed them.
Our exams have been rebranded as follows:

1- (a) iTEP Academic (b) iTEP Academic-Plus
2- (a) iTEP Business (b) iTEP Business-Plus
3- (a) SLATE (b) SLATE-Plus

All our exams are based on the same rigorous standards of validity and reliability, have the same basic test structure, and are used for various purposes.

Launch of SLATE

November 1, 2010
Today is the official launching of the new Secondary Level Assessment Test of English, SLATE, developed by Boston Educational Services, as one of very the few tests recognized worldwide that specifically assesses high school level English language proficiency.

California State University Chancellor's Office Endorses iTEP

August 16, 2010
Annually, the Chancellor's Office of the California State University System issues admissions guidelines for its 23 campuses throughout the state. We have just learned that the new guidelines to be issued this fall will include the acceptance of iTEP as one of the few nationally recognized English proficiency exams for assessing the English proficiency of international undergraduate student applicants. This is very good news for Boston Educational services and iTEP, and over the next months, we will be presenting iTEP and its advantages to all the 23 CSU campuses. We are pleased and proud to have this opportunity to share this news with our friends and colleagues

ACCET: iTEP Meets Requirements

June 30, 2010
ACCET, the U.S.-based Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training, recently reviewed the iTEP exam and has "determined that it would satisfy ACCET's requirement that Intensive English Programs (IEPs) use a nationally recognized English language assessment exam to validate their curriculum."

ACCET accredits many of the IEPs in the United States, and has been officially recognized by the U.S. Department of Education since 1978.

We are very pleased that iTEP has met with ACCET's satisfaction. iTEP's recognition by 40 colleges and universities, its increasing use by the corporate sector, and its recognition by ACCET, all combine to validate iTEP's reliability as an instrument for assessing English language proficiency.

iTEP Debuts in China with Aston Educational Group

September 8, 2009
The International Test of English Proficiency (iTEP) has gained a solid foothold in the world's largest market –China– thanks to the appointment of the Aston Educational Group (AEG) as iTEP's exclusive PRC distributor. The partnership becomes effective September 15, 2009.

AEG was founded by Chairman and CEO David Wisner in 1996, and has experienced remarkable growth since then. Today, there are more than 60 Aston English schools located throughoutChinaproviding instruction to individual learners. AEG's Oxford Associates division serves the corporate market with professional training programs and business English courses.

Plans are for the 60+ Aston English schools to become certified iTEP Test Centers, and to promote iTEP to individuals. Oxford Associates will introduce iTEP's business version to its impressive list of corporate clients.

Boston Educational Services' Chairman Perry Akins welcomed AEG to the worldwide family of iTEP distributors saying, "We could not have wished for a stronger, more knowledgeable partner to help us navigate the tremendous opportunities represented by theChinamarket. I have every confidence that David Wisner and his management team will make iTEP a huge success in the PRC."