An English Test Specifically for the Hospitality Industry

English language skills are an essential part of working in the hospitality industry. The English skills required are different, however, from those needed to work in an office or to attend a university. That’s why we have created an English proficiency test designed for specifically for the Hospitality Industry. Hotels, restaurants, resorts, cruise lines, and hospitality businesses of all sorts can use iTEP Hospitality to assess the English ability of prospective employees as well as existing staff.

iTEP Hospitality provides hospitality business owners and hiring managers with the most accurate information possible for recruiting, placement, and internal promotion decisions.

Assessing the Relevant Skills

For someone interacting with the public in a hospitality position, the ability to speak and understand English is of great importance. In fact, understanding and using certain types of speech and phrases are particularly crucial. On the other hand, written grammar will almost never be required.

Through years of working closely with hospitality industry clients who were using our iTEP Business exam, we developed a new test to meet their unique needs. iTEP Hospitality assesses listening and speaking skills with content and context specific to the hospitality industry. It can be administered on almost any office computer in 30 minutes and scores are available within 5 business days (sooner in most cases).

Hospitality businesses use iTEP Hospitality for:

  • Screening new hires for English language ability
  • Qualifying employees for assignments requiring English proficiency
  • Guidance in making job promotion decisions
  • Evaluating return on investment of English teaching and training programs

Our goal for iTEP Hospitality is not only to for it to be the most accurate assessment of the English skills needed in customer service positions, but also for it to become a tool that seamlessly fits into the fast-paced world of hospitality. We invite you to try iTEP Hospitality with the confidence that understanding your needs is extremely important to us.