iTEP Hospitality Test Structure

iTEP Hospitality test has two sections – listening and speaking – presented in the order listed below. Please note that in both sections, examinees will encounter content and questions targeted at varying levels of proficiency.

Section Format Number and Type of Questions Time
3 Parts
8 short conversations 8 Multiple-Choice 20 Minutes
One 2-3 minute conversation 5 Multiple-Choice
One 4-minute business seminar 5 Multiple-Choice
2 Parts
Listen and read a short question Prepare and speak 5 Minutes
Listen to two (2) sides of a topic Prepare and speak your opinion
  • Listening – 20 minutes/3 parts

    • Part 1: Four high-beginning to low-intermediate-level conversations of 2-3 sentences each followed by 1 multiple-choice question.
    • Part 2: One 2- to 3-minute intermediate-level conversation followed by 4 multiple-choice questions.
    • Part 3: One 4-minute upper-level lecture followed by 6 multiple-choice questions.
  • Speaking – 5 minutes/2 parts

    • Part 1: The test-taker hears and reads a short question geared at low-intermediate level, then has 30 seconds to prepare a spoken response, and 45 seconds to speak.
    • Part 2: The test-taker hears a brief upper-level statement presenting two sides of an issue, and then is asked to express his or her thoughts on the topic, with 45 seconds to prepare, and 60 seconds to speak.

Prior to the start of the test, there is a short preliminary section which guides the examinee through a series of steps to ensure technical compatibility and test-taker readiness. This includes the complete technical checklist of the software required for test administration, as well as test-taker identification items such as log in and registration. The preliminary section is included in the 30-minute total length of the test.

Delivery Method

iTEP Hospitality is most commonly administered by businesses on their own office computers. iTEP staff is available to troubleshoot and guide you through the process. iTEP Hospitality can also be administered on home computers if test security is not a concern.

The test-taker completes the test in the following manner:

  • During the listening section, the examinee clicks on one of four answer choices for each question
  • Speaking samples are recorded with a headset and microphone at the examinee’s computer