iTEP Intern

An English Test Specifically for Screening Interns

Internships are learning opportunities, and naturally, many interns are in the process of learning English. It can be difficult for agencies and companies to know if prospective interns have the basic English language skills necessary to succeed in the internship role they are seeking.

The iTEP Intern Test is used by agencies that process J-1 Visa applicants to streamline and quantify their process. It is also used by private companies and recruiters as a preliminary filter to determine which applicants are worth pursuing further.

Assessing the English Skills Needed to Get Started in Business

iTEP Intern assesses speaking and listening skills using content specific to a workplace environment. The test challenges prospective interns to demonstrate that they are capable of communicating verbally in English. iTEP Intern helps determine if an applicant can effectively receive instructions and perform communication-related tasks such as answering phones, delivering messages, and participating in meetings.

Thousands of interns enter the US on J-1 Visas each year, and they are placed in positions by a wide variety of organizations. Agencies that use iTEP Intern to qualify applicants can assure their clients that the interns they place have the necessary level of English ability.

In order to make assessing large numbers of candidates feasible, iTEP Intern can be administered on almost any office computer in 30 minutes and scores are available within 5 business days (sooner in most cases). The test can also be administered at hundreds of Certified iTEP Test Centers around the world. iTEP Intern is the only English test created specifically to qualify interns, and our primary goal is to serve J-1 Visa agencies and companies conveniently and effectively.