iTEP Business

How well can you guess someone’s English level?

When you hire someone, you have to guess about a lot of things. How will this person perform in this role? Can he or she take direction and manage others?

One thing you don’t have to guess about is the English level of an employee or prospective employee for whom English a second language. iTEP Business enables employers and hiring managers to quantify English language ability in great detail. With content specific to the workplace, you get a reliable picture a candidate’s mastery of the language skills necessary for the job. You are empowered to make hiring and promotion decisions with confidence.

Businesses all over the world in a wide variety of industries use iTEP Business in their hiring practices, and to measure the success of language training programs, qualifying employees for new assignments, and more.

The basics

Test the skills you need. There are two versions of iTEP Business. iTEP Business-Coreassesses grammar, listening, and reading skills within 60 minutes. Scores are available instantly.iTEP Business-Plus assesses grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking within 90 minutes. Scores are available within 5 business days.

Build your own test. We happily create customized tests within your parameters, assessing only skills you choose. Need a test that lasts only 30 minutes? We can do that. We are also able to write test content that is specific to your industry. See our iTEP Hospitality exam as an example.

Administer on-demand anytime, anywhere. iTEP Business can be administered on almost any computer. Your candidates and employees can be tested at your office, at their homes, or anywhere that works for you. You’re also welcome to refer your candidates or employees to one of our Certified iTEP Test Centers.