Not your grade school English test.

Most English tests are not made for the business context, and those that do claim to test business English, often lack the rigor of academic tests. iTEP Business is the best of both worlds. A test made specifically for the workplace from a company led by both educators and entrepreneurs. We speak both languages—business and academia—and love to get feedback from our clients so we can make our products better.

Praise for iTEP Business:

“Having utilized iTEP Business, we have found it to be a valuable tool for qualifying international candidates for job level assessment purposes. It is quick, secure, and reliable which, in a fast paced environment with high demand such as ours, is extremely important.”

Carlo DeAtouguia, President, Western Overseas Corporation

“In today’s increasingly interconnected and competitive world, a quick and accurate English proficiency tool is essential to evaluating the English language ability of international job candidates. iTEP Business does just this. And, the availability of a shorter version of the exam with immediate results fits rapid turn-around needs.”

Perry Solomon, President, Aleratec, Inc.

“Not only are the grammar, reading, and listening results made available online and in real-time for the local administrator, but the written part and mp3 file of the speaking test are also recorded and stored for future reference. This is great for when the language proficiency levels are also linked to other talent management tools inside the organization such as performance appraisals, skills development, plans to recommend participation of events or workshops overseas, expat opportunities, and also career and succession planning. The results turnaround is very fast for speaking and writing and it is scored in the USA, thus adding to quality assurance criteria. My clients are really impressed with the test’s reliability and user-friendly features.”

Monica Szwarc, Director, BridgeBrazil