Customized Exam

Customized Exams

iTEP is built on being user-friendly. We don’t stop at providing an online test that can be taken on short notice and scored quickly. We are also happy to customize tests to meet the needs of our clients. Here are two options we provide that are already being used by schools, businesses, and English language programs all over the world.


This option allows you to utilize iTEP’s innovative design and delivery method while re-branding the exam with your organization’s name and logo. You can link to your re-labeled exam from your website. Depending on your needs, the exam can be administered at any location, including a test-taker’s home.


This option lets you create an exam to more precisely fit your organization’s needs. You can choose which English language skill modules you wish to include (choose from reading, listening, grammar, writing, and speaking) and in what order to use them. For example, if you only wish to test listening and speaking, we can provide a test with only these elements. Any combination of modules can be put together to make the perfect test for your organization.