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What are the main differences between iTEP and the other tests on the market?
iTEP is a comprehensive, Internet-based exam that takes between 60 and 90 minutes to administer, depending on the exam.- iTEP’s flexibility means it can be administered on-demand anywhere in the world at a secure location.- iTEP’s quick result delivery- immediate or 5 business days- and its affordability set it apart from all the other tests on the market.

What skills does iTEP assess?
iTEP tests proficiency in reading, listening, writing, and speaking. There is also a section that tests knowledge of grammar. In the writing and speaking sections, examinees produce actual writing and speaking samples, which are graded by native English-speaking trained ESL professionals.

How long is the iTEP exam?
The iTEP AcademiciTEP Business, and iTEP SLATE exams take 50 minutes to complete. The iTEP Academic-PlusiTEP Business-Plus, and iTEP SLATE-Plus exams take 80 minutes to complete. An additional 10 minutes are allocated for the iTEPadministrator to provide pre-test instructions.

Is there a shorter version of the iTEP?
Yes, the versions are called iTEP Academic-CoreiTEP Business-Core, and iTEP SLATE-Core, and as mentioned above, include only the multiple-choice sections of the test: reading, listening, and grammar. These versions of iTEP AcademiciTEP Business, and iTEP SLATE are computer-graded and the results are available immediately after administration of the test.

How is the iTEP exam scored?
The reading, listening, and grammar sections are scored automatically by the computer. The writing and speaking samples are graded by native English-speaking trained ESL professionals, according to a standardized scoring rubric. Each test section is weighed equally. There is no penalty in the multiple-choice sections for guessing/incorrect answers.

In what form are test results provided?
The Official iTEP Score Report shows the examinee’s Overall Level (from 0-Beginner to 6-Mastery), as well as levels attained on each of iTEP’s three or five sections (reading, listening, writing, speaking, grammar). Results are presented in both table and graph, in easy to read formats.

How are iTEP's levels interpreted?
iTEP levels range from 0 (Beginner) to 6 (Mastery) and are expressed in .1 increments (e.g. 2.1, 2.3, etc.) Please refer to the iTEP Ability Guide (AcademicBusiness, or SLATE) to see, at a glance, how well an individual can use English to communicate in the “real world,” the work environment, or in a high school context, as evaluated by each of iTEP’s six levels.

Who decides what level of iTEP should be accepted at an institution?
Each institution is responsible for deciding what level of iTEP to use for their program. Most institutions however, choose from level 4 (Upper Intermediate) to level 6 (Mastery).

Where is the test administered?
Individuals who take iTEP for applying to US colleges or universities must take iTEP at one of our Certified iTEP Test Centers. However, organizations or individuals who wish to takeiTEP only to determine English language proficiency must contact our representative(s) in their country. If you wish you use iTEP in a country where we do not yet have a representative, please contact us directly at contact information.

How does iTEP ensure test security?
The security of the conditions under which the iTEP is administered is of utmost importance to Boston Educational Services. Whether iTEP is administered at one of ourCertified iTEP Test Centers or at a facility approved by one of our representatives, we ensure that the test is proctored at all times and that it meets all the requirements stated in the iTEP Test Security Protocol.

How much does the test cost for international students applying to a US college or university?
The test costs $99 for all prospective US college or university students who take the test at one of the Certified iTEP Centers worldwide.

How much does the test cost for non-US college applicants?
The price of iTEP varies around the world. Please contact our representative in your country. If you wish to use iTEP in a country where we do not yet have a representative, please contact us directly at contact information.

Is iTEP only used by colleges and universities?
No. iTEP Academic is also used by English language programs and other institutions interested in an academically oriented test of English. On the other hand, iTEP Business is used by businesses and organizations interested in a business-oriented English assessment tool. iTEP SLATE is used by high schools and academies to assess young ESL learners’ ability to follow classroom material.

What is the difference between iTEP Academic and iTEP Business?
iTEP Academic is used by institutions interested in testing English language abilities utilizing settings, content, and vocabulary found in an educational environment. iTEP Business is used by businesses and organizations interested in a test of English proficiency that employs situations and terminology characteristic of the workplace.

In which countries does iTEP have Official Representatives?
Please visit our website for the most up to date listing: Official Representatives.

Is a paper version of iTEP available?
Yes. There is a paper version of iTEP available in countries where there is an iTEPrepresentative. If for some reason your organization is unable to use the Internet version of the test, the paper version is an alternative. The paper version of the iTEP exam only includes the three multiple-choice parts of the test: reading, listening, and grammar. It will not include speaking and writing assessment sections.

How do I prepare for the test?
You can become more familiar with the iTEP Exams by reviewing the Preparation Guides, browsing the website iTEP Exams, viewing the sample test content, and studying English in your everyday life.

How do I find a certified iTEP Test Center?
A drop-down menu on our website at Schedule a Test provides access to a list of CertifiediTEP Test Centers worldwide. Typically, an iTEP Test Center can arrange for your individualiTEP test administration, within three business days of the date you contact them. If you wish to take the iTEP in a country where we do not yet have a representative or test center, please contact us directly.