A fully realized English proficiency test for young learners.

iTEP SLATE (Secondary Level Assessment Test of English) is the iTEP exam for young learners. The number of middle and high school students attending intensive English programs (IEPs) and studying abroad in English speaking countries is rising each year. iTEP SLATE offers all of the convenience and efficiency of our flagship exam, iTEP Academic, with content specifically oriented to accurately assess the language skills of young teens and pre-teens.

While other testing companies tend to look at the secondary school demographic as an afterthought, we at Boston Educational Services consider it a very high priority. iTEP SLATE is not only our fastest growing English exam, it is the most rapidly growing English exam designed for secondary school students on the market. High schools, boarding schools and academies throughout North America and the world have discovered that iTEP SLATE helps them streamline their English testing for admissions, placement and more.

The basics

No time wasted. There are two versions of iTEP SLATE. iTEP SLATE-Core assesses grammar, listening, and reading skills within 60 minutes. Scores are available instantly. iTEP SLATE-Plusassesses grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking within 90 minutes. Scores are available within 5 business days. Both versions are Internet-based, however a paper version of iTEP SLATE-Core is available upon request.

Who needs test days? iTEP SLATE is administered on-site by schools or at hundreds of Certified iTEP Test Centers in dozens of countries. It can always be scheduled on-demand. Test-takers must contact a local test center to schedule a test.

Age appropriate. When taking tests designed for adults, young people can perform below their actual English level. They may be unfamiliar with the settings depicted or vocabulary of the test due to their age. The content of iTEP SLATE is carefully crafted to ensure that young test-takers’ scores accurately represent their language skills.

Fits your need. iTEP SLATE is used by schools for admissions, placement, progress evaluation, teacher assessment, guiding curriculum development, scholarship eligibility, and more. Schools love iTEP SLATE because of its detailed scoring, reliable security features, and the ability to log in and access speaking and writing samples the test-takers they are evaluating generated during the test. They also appreciate iTEP’s lower price compared with other major English tests.