What are the main differences between the iTEP SLATE and the other tests on the market?
iTEP SLATE is a comprehensive, Internet-based exam with content designed to asses the English skills of high school and middle school students. The test takes no longer than 90 minutes to administer and can be scheduled on-demand at test centers around the world or administered on-site at institutions. Detailed results are available on very quick turnaround (5 business days). iTEP SLATE is also an extraordinarily secure test, using photo technology and online streaming to ensure accurate test results. Finally, iTEP SLATE is more affordable than comparable tests.

What skills does the iTEP SLATE assess?
iTEP SLATE tests proficiency in grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking. In the writing and speaking sections, test-takers produce actual writing and speaking samples which are graded by native English speaking ESL professionals. These samples can be accessed by administrators evaluating test-takers for admissions or placement. Learn more about the test format and scoring.

How long is the iTEP SLATE?
iTEP SLATE-Plus lasts 90 minutes. Pre-test instruction lasts 10 minutes, followed by 80 minutes of test administration. iTEP SLATE-Core lasts 60 minutes with 10 minutes of prep and 50 minutes of testing.

In what form are test results provided?
The Official iTEP Score Report shows the test-taker’s overall level (from 0 to 6) as well as levels attained on each of iTEP SLATE’s five sections (grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking). Results are presented in both tabular and graphical formats with scores for sub-skills of the grammar, listening, and reading sections.

How are iTEP's SLATE levels interpreted?
iTEP SLATE levels range from 0 (beginner) to 6 (mastery) and are expressed in .1 increments (e.g. 2.1, 2.1, 2.3, etc.). Many of our partner schools have a minimum iTEP SLATE level required for admissions, and these are listed on our partner schools page. To see at a glance how well an individual can use English to communicate in the “real world” at each of iTEP SLATE’s six levels (and how they compare to CEFR levels), please refer to the iTEP Ability Guide-SLATE. We also list comparisons to the scoring systems of other major English tests here.

Where is the test administered?
Individuals applying to high schools and boarding schools must take iTEP SLATE at a Certified iTEP Test Centers. Educational institutions such as Intensive English Programs (IEPs) often license iTEP SLATE for use on their campus. iTEP SLATE can also be taken on home computers for non-admissions English assessment purposes. Contact the iTEP representative in your country or contact us directly if you are in a country that does not yet have a representative.

How much does the test cost?
The global retail price for test-takers taking iTEP SLATE Plus at a Certified iTEP Test Center is $99USD. Test centers are allowed to charge up to $10USD in administration fees to test-takers. Institutions are able to purchase exams in bulk at heavily discounted rates.Contact us for a quote.

How do I register to take the iTEP SLATE as a prospective international student?
Please directly contact one of the Certified iTEP Test Centers near you, and they will schedule a testing time for you within 3 business days.

How do I prepare for the test?
The Official iTEP Preparation Guide and iTEP Practice Test are available for purchase on our Prepare for the Test page. This page also has many free resources to help you become familiar with the format of the test. Our social media accounts (links on the top left of this page) provide guidance to test-takers as well.  iTEP does not offer a preparation course.

How much English study is necessary to reach the next level on iTEPSLATE?
We generally find that test-takers are able to advance to the next level on iTEP SLATE after approximately 180 hours of English language instruction.

How and when do I receive my scores?
Scores are provided by the test center where the test was administered. They are available within 5 business days for iTEP SLATE-Plus, and immediately for iTEP SLATE-Core.